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A home is one's own private space and it is imperative that you decorate it to your taste. Often, the most distinguishing aspect of a home is the furniture in it. While some people know what they want to buy and go out looking for it, there are some for whom the concept of bespoke furniture is new and can be overwhelming.

We are the place for the bespoke newbie. We've got informative blogs, as well as salespeople who are more than willing to educate a first-time buyer into the nitty-gritty of what goes into making their piece of furniture different from the rest of our stock.

We have a team of skilled craftsmen who have taken the time and effort to create something unique and beautiful for each of our customers. You will find every resource you need into finding something that fits your requirements. This is how we go about our furniture business: We have a long and detailed consult with a new customer

We share our ideas and designs with them and take their feedback, A 3D design is then shared with them for a final approval Once the piece is ready, a further consult happens to finalise surface details like finish, upholstery, etc

The piece is then delivered to our customer with details on where the piece is sourced from and all the materials used in making their furniture along with a guarantee card, We also make stock pieces like tables and chairs as well as drawers and mirrors, however, most of the things we make are bespoke and are geared towards the luxury customer who wants something unique for their homes.

We also have a service that will repurpose your old wooden furniture. For instance, if you have an antique or an old wooden piece that you no longer can use, we will buy it from you and use it to make other artifacts or furniture pieces. Or we will use that wood to make something completely new for you!



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